Royal Alloy Malaysia

Chear Global Sdn.Bhd., (CGSB) was incorporated in 2012 and began operations in the same year and is considered as one of the new upstarts in the motorcycle industry.

CGSB has expanded its portfolio to include in its model range, a line of choppers, classic, off-road, street bikes to appeal to niche segments of the motorcycle market in addition to a range of scooters and mopeds to cater for the mass commuting market.


Royal Alloy is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. Inspired to re-create the pure joy of free-minded, 2 wheeled escapism by using today’s technology.

From occasional days out to rally life, Royal Alloy has found a home with everyone from enthusiasts to those finding their journeys beginning just as we are, it is just the start, join us in creating a new legacy for those that refuse to follow the crowd.


We love scooters with petrol engines and especially those that ooze style expressing the persona of the rider!

You choose the limits, you choose the story, you choose the Scooter for you.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom wherever & whenever you ride, restore a connection to your younger self or forge new memories, experience your chosen environment in a whole new way. Start anew or rekindle the emotions that real freedom to travel your own path brings.

Enter Royal Alloy with a complete and growing range of truly authentic classically styled scooters made of steel. Royal Alloy WILL NOT compromise – Royal Alloy will only manufacture authentic (as far as regulations allow) products that will appeal to followers of the Mod subculture and of course to a wider audience wanting to enjoy what really was the essence of the Mod sub-culture – that being a unique and super cool lifestyle!


Modern. Cosmopolitan. Cool. Popular.
These are some words that characterize the mod subculture, which was a youth subculture established post World War II in London, England.

It was comprised of teens from working-class families who were trying to transcend the mundane, traditional, old-fashioned customs of the 1950s and adopt a more exciting, expensive, fashionable, and social lifestyle.