Chear Global Sdn.Bhd


CGSB contract assembles, distribute, market, and promote the
Royal Alloy brands of motorcycles in Malaysia.

CGSB is always on the lookout for new and innovative models to complement its present range of motorcycles to make it more appealing and affordable to customers through product differentiation.


TG 250

The members of this subculture being mainly from working-class families who were enjoying the early stages of an economic boom time, were pioneers of a new eccentricity showing their unique ‘style’ with a neat and innovative ‘look’.

They listened to alternative music such as soul and ska, beat, rhythm, and blues. Ultimately they adorned their stylish Italian Scooters with lights, mirrors, and graphics- they were obsessed with fashion and being ‘super-cool’.


Head Light Peak

LED Headlamp

USB Charging Port

10.5Litre Fuel Tank

Classic Roll Bag

LED Taillight

Crash Bar Set

Focused,Professional,High Quality…